4 Things Winning Agencies Plan to Do in 2020

As the insurance industry changes, independent agents are constantly evolving and driving the independent agent channel forward. Learn four key growth trends that shape what it means to be an Agent for the Future.

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Jeff Roy, CEO of Excalibur Insurance Group
Jeff Roy

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Ashley Whitney

President, Harbor/Brenn Insurance Agencies

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Matt Naimoli

Co-Founder, G&N Insurance and BobbleOn

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Erin Nutting

Owner, Integrity Insurance Services

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In the Words of an Agent: Giving Customers the Speed and Efficiency They Want
Bradley Flowers

Owner, Portal Insurance

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In the Words of an Agent: Building Real Connections Online
Dani Kimble

Chief Marketing Officer, O’Neill Insurance

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How I Build Insurance Relationships Through Online Content
Grant Botma

Founder, Stewardship

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How My Passion for Helping Others Contributes to My Success 5
Kasie Ricart

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Learn How GiiG's 45 Day Onboarding Program Helps Retain Clients and Drive Growth
Brandon Smith

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What does it take to be an Agent for the Future™?

At Liberty Mutual and Safeco, we’ve seen how independent insurance agents are helping forge the path of innovation and change in the insurance industry. Winning agencies are evolving to integrate new technology, deliver excellent customer experiences, cover emerging risks and more – all while continually giving back to their communities.

We want to help every IA become an Agent for the Future – one who is continually striving to take advantage of new opportunities.

What kind of Agent for the Future are you? Take our quiz to find out.

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How to Elevate Your Agency's Online Presence

Rough Notes: Agent for the Future

Agent for the Future
Meet the National 2019 AFTF Award Winner

We’re honored to announce the winner of the 2019 National Agent for the Future Award: Paradiso Financial & Insurance Services.

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