The Perpetuation Playbook: Mapping the Future of Your Agency

Insurance Agency Perpetuation

What is your insurance agency perpetuation plan?

In the day-to-day of running a business, it can be hard to find the time to pause and plan for the long-term future of the agency. But it’s essential to think about what will happen to the business when the current principal retires or steps back from leadership. Building an insurance agency perpetuation plan (also known as a succession plan, transition plan, or exit strategy) will help current owners reach their personal goals and protect the future of their business.

If you’re an agency owner, use the interactive decision tree below to find the next step on your perpetuation journey. If you’re an agency employee interested in ownership in the future, explore the resources below for insights and advice on perpetuation.

What's your next step toward agency perpetuation?

Do you have a perpetuation plan for your agency?

I plan for a family or staff member to take over


I plan to sell my agency to a third party


Next Steps

Learn how other agencies are planning for the future
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Have you identified and talked to your successors?

Have you identified your goals for selling the agency?

Do you know the value of your agency?

Do you have a formal plan for developing your successor and transferring ownership?

Next Steps

Consider your reasons for selling and your goals for the process
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Have you formalized a payment plan and timeline?

Next Steps

Read about current market conditions and get your agency valued by a professional
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Read about other agents' experiences and advice for internal perpetuation
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Next Steps

Explore our research to learn how other agencies are planning for the future
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Next Steps

Get the perpetuation checklist and discuss it with your partners or advisory team

Insights on insurance agency perpetuation, succession planning and sales

Research Report

Selling vs. Perpetuation: How Independent Insurance Agencies Are Planning for the Future

Liberty Mutual surveyed more than 450 agency owners and principals to learn how they are planning for perpetuation. Explore the research for insights on creating a perpetuation plan.
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Agency Perpetuation Checklist from Agency Focus

Download this checklist – created by independent agency consultant Carey Wallace at Agency Focus – for a detailed rundown of expectations, timing, transition plans, and agreements between buyers and sellers.
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Deal Dynamics: Identifying an Acquisition to Add the Most Value to Your Agency

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