Agent for the Future™
Growth Without Compromise

Our Agent for the Future™ survey reveals that IAs want to focus on growing their business. The question is, how to do it without impacting customer service & retention?

The answer: divide and conquer with your trusted carrier partners. Leveraging carrier customer service programs not only meets customers’ changing needs & helps safeguard retention, but can also boost your business.

by 2020 IAs want to spend more time on new business and less on retention and servicing clients

  • now
  • in 2020

retaining clients

responding to
service needs

quoting new

prospecting for
new clients

how IA's plan to grow in the next 5 years

  • cross-sells [icon]

    increasing cross-sells

  • lead sources [icon]

    new lead sources

  • people-colored [icon]

    adding new producers

  • chat [icon]

    new digital capabilities
    (mobile, chat)

  • target [icon]

    increase marketing investment

  • group [icon]

    new market segments


customer service

millennials expect customer service 24/7, 365


55% of IAs surveyed believe that millennials (the largest segment of the pop) will have a major impact on their agency by 2020


however, 27% of calls to Safeco Gold are after business hours


56% of those surveyed don’t think there is a need for extended hours.

Safeco Gold customer service program is available to customers 24/7, 365

driving growth

agencies who participate in Safeco Gold experience average rates of

lift in new business
increase in client retention

Safeco Gold can increase cross-sells

  • lead sources [icon]

    upselling to higher limits and options

  • cross-sales [icon]

    cross-selling and quoting of auto, RV, boat, motorcycle, umbrella and renters

  • people-colored [icon]

    1 in 12 customer calls to Safeco Gold leads to a cross-sell opportunity. We close nearly 50% of the time

  • $ [icon]

    generated $39 million in new business for Safeco Gold agencies in 2016

carrier service reps can help customers address emerging risks

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30% of those surveyed believe the sharing economy will have a major effect on their agency by 2020


only 32% are very comfortable selling gap coverage for ride/homesharing

Safeco Gold customer service reps have expert knowledge of their product lines

new market segments


67% of IAs surveyed believe change in ethnic makeup will have some effect on their agency by 2020


42% of IAs surveyed don't think it's important to speak other languages

Hola! Hola! Hola!

Safeco Gold team offers Spanish language support, with other languages supported via interpreters

Go Confidently in the pursuit of growth: embrace digital solutions and extend your agency's potential with Safeco Gold

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