Agent for the Future™
Research Topics

As the insurance industry changes, independent insurance agents are adapting to meet shifting customer needs and find the best ways to grow. We originally surveyed 600 independent agents to get their perspective on how their business priorities are evolving. Then we expanded on that data to provide IAs with practical information on industry trends and best practices for future success.

November 2022

The State of Digital in Independent Insurance Agencies

The third and final report from the 2022 Agency Growth Study explores how independent insurance agencies are using digital tools. It also reveals the five digital capabilities that drive revenue growth and provides resources for strategically using digital.
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August 2022

Building Inclusive Insurance Agency Cultures

The second report from the 2022 Agency Growth Study explores how independent insurance agencies are engaging with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and how agencies can build inclusive cultures that will help them attract and retain top talent.
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May 2022

Hiring the Next Generation of Independent Insurance Agents

The first report from the 2022 Agency Growth Study, which surveyed more than 730 independent insurance agents, dives into how agencies are hiring fresh talent and attracting the next generation.
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March 2022

The State of Women in Independent Insurance Agencies

We surveyed more than 350 women in independent insurance agencies to learn about the challenges and opportunities they face. This report covers women's representation, recognition and compensation, and provides resources to empower women and help agencies thrive.
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June 2021

Unlock the Power of Digital in Your Agency

What's your agency's next step toward digital transformation? Take our quick self-assessment to get customized suggestions of which digital tools to explore next, then explore all the tools in the interactive digital framework.
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March 2021

Rise of the Digital Insurance Agency

How do independent agents use digital? How do digital capabilities impact agency revenue? We surveyed nearly 600 independent agents and brokers to learn the answers to these questions and more.
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March 2020

Demonstrating the Value of IAs to Millennials

Millennials do not fully understand the value of independent agents. We put together resources to help independent agents show their value to millennial consumers.
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Sept 2019

Engaging Millennials Online

Millennials are more likely than older generations to learn about and choose insurance agents through digital channels. We put together resources to help independent agents elevate their digital engagement to more effectively attract and serve millennial customers.
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June 2019

Millennials and Insurance

Liberty Mutual and Safeco recently surveyed more than 2,800 insurance customers (including 1,600 millennials) to learn how younger consumers purchase insurance, what they look for in an agent, and more.
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March 2019

Transform Your Agency

To succeed in the insurance marketplace of the future, agencies must transform to meet customer needs, adopt new technology and embrace innovation.
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Nov 2018

Lead into the Future

Whether you're planning to compete for the next 20 years or transition your agency in the next few years, perpetuation planning is key to setting up your agency for success in the future.
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Sept 2018

Growth through Marketing

Our Agent for the Future™ survey highlights that as agents push for more growth, they want to do more marketing, and less maintenance. At the top of agents’ “must-do” lists are marketing investments and campaigns.
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Sept 2017

Growth without Compromise

Our latest research uncovered information about how independent insurance agents are adapting to current changes, their predictions for the future and how they are preparing for the future.
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May 2017

Research and Trends

Safeco™ recently surveyed 600 independent agents about their perspective regarding how their roles and business priorities are evolving, as well as their thoughts about changing customer needs and how technology and societal changes may impact how they do business in 2020.
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