Agent for the Future™
Growth through Marketing

Our Agent for the Future™ survey highlights that as agents push for more growth, they want to do more marketing, and less maintenance. At the top of agents’ “must-do” lists are marketing investments and campaigns.

independent agents plan to invest more in marketing by 2020


38% of independent agents surveyed said they are planning to increase their marketing investment, but...


only 16% said they planned on hiring a dedicated marketing specialist

what a marketer can do for your agency

  • lead sources [icon]

    drive qualified leads to your sales team

  • target-icon

    increase the awareness of your agency’s brand, products, services and people

  • doallar sign [icon]

    drive revenue and project revenue accurately

  • relationship [icon]

    deepen client relationships

  • cross-sell [icon]

    enable cross-sell opportunities

  • group [icon]

    help fill the talent pipeline

  • chat [icon]

    increase client referrals

IAs need to be able to track where new business and referrals are coming from and data is a big part of that. however, IAs have different ideas about the impact additional data would make...

  • 27%

    help the agency grow

  • 69%

    improve referral marketing

  • 65%

    improve social media effectiveness

  • 54%

    help anticipate client’s life event changes

  • 53%

    enable agents to have deeper risk conversations

  • 65%

    assist with cross-sell opportunities

what you need to do now

  • lead sources [icon]

    implement a client referral program

  • group-icon

    send welcome kits to new clients

  • chat [icon]

    communicate with clients on a monthly basis

  • computer [icon]

    ensure you have an updated, modern website that includes a blog

  • relationship [icon]

    develop repeatable referral sources by building relationships with mortgage brokers, real estate agents and others

  • group [icon]

    track key agency metrics to help drive smart marketing decisions

  • award [icon]

    encourage happy clients to post online reviews

  • outreach [icon]

    develop an agency brand that includes supporting community causes

  • social [icon]

    build out your agency’s social presence

not sure how you are going to find time to do all this? maybe it is time to...


hire a marketer

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