10 Ways to Improve Your Agency’s Marketing Right Now

10 Ways to Improve Your Agency’s Marketing Right Now

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These simple steps can help your agency build deeper relationships with old and new clients.

As more customers shop for insurance online, marketing is becoming increasingly important for independent agents. Done well, marketing initiatives can drive qualified leads, increase retention and boost revenue.

Safeco’s Agent for the Future™ survey found that better marketing is one of the top ways agencies plan to grow in the next five years. Almost 40% of independent agents surveyed said they want to increase their marketing investment.

But where should agencies begin? Below are 10 things agencies can do now to improve marketing efforts. You can also read Safeco’s “Ultimate Guide to Marketing like an Agent for the Future” for more insights.

1. Implement a client referral program.

A referral program can be a simple way to find new leads and increase engagement with your
current customers by encouraging them to be ambassadors for your agency.

2. Track key agency metrics to help drive smart marketing decisions.

Tracking data can help your agency create targeted marketing that speaks to your customers’ needs. According to Safeco’s Agent for the Future survey, 69% of independent agents believe that additional data would improve referral marketing.

3. Send welcome kits to new clients.

Welcome kits can deepen client relationships and increase brand awareness. They also provide natural opportunities to tie in other marketing initiatives.

4. Encourage happy clients to post online reviews.

A 2014 survey from BrightLocal found that 72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

5. Communicate with clients on a monthly basis, through newsletters and other channels.

Customers don’t want to be bombarded, but they do want to hear from you. Agencies who authentically communicate on a regular basis with their clients see a 1.5 retention lift in a year.

6. Develop an agency brand that includes supporting community causes.

Cone Communication’s 2017 CSR Study found that 87% of Americans prefer to purchase a product from a company who supports a cause that is important to them.

7. Ensure you have an updated, modern website that includes a blog.

In Safeco’s Agent for the Future survey, 60% of independent agents said consumers’ need for online and mobile solutions is of major importance.

8. Build out your agency’s social presence.

Social media is an important method of engaging in conversations and nurturing relationships with younger audiences.

9. Develop repeatable referral sources by building relationships with mortgage brokers, real estate agents and others.

Connecting with other professionals who share the same clients can help you create mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships.

10. Hire a marketer!

Does all of this sound overwhelming? A dedicated marketing specialist can help. Another Safeco survey found that 52% of the fastest-growing independent agencies in the country had a dedicated marketer on staff.

The Safeco Marketer Developer Program can help you train a staff marketer in just four weeks.

To learn more about industry trends and how your agency can improve marketing, check out our latest infographic.

Agent for the Future™ Staff

Agent for the Future exists to help independent insurance agents succeed. On AgentForTheFuture.com, we share insights from agents and industry experts.

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Steve Heard
3 years ago

#10 Hire a Marketer
Here is the statement I copied from # 10.

The Safeco Marketer Developer Program can help you train a staff marketer in just four weeks.

Where is the link or how can I get the program for me or an office staff to start the training? Thanks for your help and God bless.

Steve Heard
Firefly Agency

Dargan Thompson
3 years ago
Reply to  Steve Heard

Hi Steve! Thanks for your question. Here’s a link with more info about enrolling in the program: https://now.agent.safeco.com/sell-and-grow/marketer-development-program

Agent for the Future™