IAs are holding steady in the market, but competition is fierce


one key to agency transformation is thinking like a customer. this includes using more digital tools to reach customers.

consumers interact with businesses through traditional and new channels. in the previous year, consumers used:

  • 60%

    email or phone calls

    email phone [icon]
  • 54%

    business website

    computer [icon]
  • 38%

    online chat

    online chat [icon]
  • 30%

    mobile app

    phone apps [icon]
  • 28%

    social media

    social [icon]
Source: Drift, Salesforce and myclever

audio searches are also increasingly popular

of customers say they would definitely or probably use their digital assistant to perform servicing tasks with their insurance policy

Source: Safeco data

our Agent for the Future survey found that most IAs are aware of these shifts.

said customers' increasing need for mobile and digital capabilities would have a major effect on their agency by 2020

said that adding new digital capabilities like mobile and chat were part of their five-year growth plans.

however, only 40% said they are comfortable with offering online account management.

10 technologies that can digitally enable your agency

  • responsive [icon]

    a streamlined, mobile-friendly website

  • phone apps [iccon]

    customer self-service portal or mobile app

  • chat [icon]

    online chatting or AI chat bot

  • integrate [icon]

    an agency management system that integrates with other tech

  • data management [icon]

    data management and analysis programs

  • automated mail [icon]

    automated texting/emails

  • remote meeting [icon]

    remote meeting tools

  • phone video [icon]

    video quotes and policy reviews

  • alexa device [icon]

    audio search functions

  • social icons [icon]

    a social media strategy

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