Quiz: Do You Have a Growth Mindset? 1

Quiz: Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

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How’s your growth mindset? Take this 10-statement survey to find out.

Developed by Beyond Insurance, the Growth Mindset Index™ (GMI) serves as a personal gauge of assumptions, methods, beliefs, and attitudes as they relate to the five distinguishing qualities of a growth mindset.

Quiz: Do You Have a Growth Mindset?


45 to 50: Outstanding! You possess a growth-oriented mindset that enables you to actualize your goals, dreams, ambitions and gains.

40 to 44: Very Good. Your mindset is open to exploring new concepts to help you maximize your potential.

35 to 39: Good. You are beginning to realize the benefits of a growth mindset and its impact on your performance.

34 or less: Your mindset is fixed. Shifting to a growth mindset will give you enhanced control over the outcomes of your efforts.

Reposted from the May 2020 issue of Rough Notes magazine with permission.

Scott Addis

CEO, Beyond Insurance Executive Director, Beyond Insurance Global Network

Scott serves as the CEO of Beyond Insurance. Founded in 2006, Beyond Insurance is a coaching and consulting firm that empowers insurance agency leaders, carriers and other insurance and risk management professionals to capture unrealized potential… what one is capable of becoming through growth mindsets supported by process orientation.

Scott has been recognized as one of the “25 Most Innovative Agents in America” by The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research and also received The Franklin Award for outstanding achievement and contribution to the insurance industry in the Delaware Valley.  Scott was a Philadelphia finalist for “Entrepreneur of the Year Award,” sponsored by Inc. magazine, Ernst & Young, and Merrill Lynch.

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