Digital, Accelerated Vol. 2: The Expert Guide for Independent Agents

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This year accelerated the pace of technology adoption in the insurance industry. Independent insurance agents had to quickly adapt to using digital tools to communicate with their teams and with their customers. Digital is no longer just a nice to have, it’s a necessity – and it’s here to stay.

To help independent insurance agents adapt to digital, we at Agent for the Future launched an article series and two e-books. “Digital, Accelerated Vol. 1” offered practical advice and how-to’s to help agents get digital, fast.

Now, in “Digital, Accelerated Vol. 2,” we share insights on more advanced digital topics from forward-looking agents and industry experts. Download a PDF version of the e-book here, or click through the links below for more articles and resources.

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Vol. 1 Articles

How Digital Tools Helped My Agency Grow

Agency Owner James Castell shares how investing in digital changed his agency.
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5 Better Ways IAs Can Use Digital to Their Competitive Advantage

Liberty Mutual and Safeco's Agency Capabilities and Programs team give advice on digital best practices.
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How to Use Video to Connect With Customers

Agency marketer Ashley Abrams shares tips for getting comfortable using video.
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Creating Your Agency's Digital "Office"

ACT Director Ron Berg on how independent agents can get set up to serve their customers from anywhere.
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A Quick Guide to Getting Digital

Digital Agency Owner Erin Nutting outlines the four things agents need to go digital.
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Why Agents Must Go Digital, Today

Liberty Mutual and Safeco's Tyler Asher explains why it's important for agents to invest in digital.
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How to Choose a Vendor That Fits Your Agency's Needs

Dale Steinke shares the questions agents should ask when evaluating technology vendors.
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Protecting Your Agency Online

Sam Affolter on the measures agencies can take to protect their agencies against cyber threats.
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