Where Is Your Agency On Your Digital Journey?

As more business moves digital, it’s essential for independent insurance agencies to get online and embrace tech tools.

We launched our new article series, Digital, Accelerated, to help agents get digital, fast.

Where is your agency on your journey to digital transformation? Take this quiz to find out!

How does your agency stack up online? Take this quiz to find out. 
How do you imagine customers feel when they visit your agency’s website?
How easy is it for your staff members to work remotely?
When someone searches for a local agency online, where does your agency appear in the search results?
How do you feel about using video proposals and reviews?
If a customer needs something when your office is closed, how can they reach you?
What's your relationship with agency and customer data?
Where do you store your files and documents?
What question are you most likely to ask in a video meeting?
How do you protect your agency's information online? (select all that apply)
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