When I moved from Los Angeles to Northern California and opened my own agency, I had to find a whole new set of clients in my community.

I found it better not to directly advertise online. Instead, I joined local networking groups on Facebook (groups for young parents and young professionals, for example).

Every morning, I spend almost an hour in those Facebook groups. I’ll look for people asking questions about insurance and I’ll give them some advice. Often, they’ll come back to me to see if I can help them with their insurance options.

As a millennial myself and an agent who works with many millennial clients, I’ve seen that millennials do a lot of research online before they buy insurance.

There are so many new companies with technology that makes buying insurance online quick and easy. The only way for independent agents to win younger consumers is to show that we are knowledgeable about insurance and can help them get better coverage and navigate claims.

Millennials want control over their insurance. They like mobile apps and online access to make changes or do small service tasks themselves. But many still prefer to have an agent – someone they can trust who has experience to explain coverages and things they can’t find answers to online. They want their agent to serve mainly as an expert advisor, not necessarily as someone who manages every aspect of their insurance for them.

Networking – both online and in-person – gives you a chance to show your expertise and personality. You can show that you’re an expert they can lean on in the event of a questionable situation and that you can offer them something better than they can find online.

Many millennials will choose quality over price. If you build your reputation as an expert and work with great companies, you’ll be well positioned to win them over.

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