Grow Agency Business, Reduce Workload: How Hiring a Marketer Is a Win-Win

Marketing, Personal Lines

Of the fastest-growing agencies, 52% are growing because they hired marketers on staff, compared to 10% of them where the principals are doing the marketing themselves.

Our studies of the fastest-growing agencies across the country found that 52% of these agencies are growing because they have hired marketers on staff, compared to 10% of them where the principals are doing the marketing themselves. (The other 38% are hiring producers.) These high-growth agencies are averaging 27.6% policies in force growth year over year. The fastest way to achieve this kind of growth is to hire a marketer on staff.

In this Customers for Life podcast, we’re covering the specific benefits of hiring a marketer and how that can reduce workload and encourage growth throughout the agency. Check out my conversation with Laura Jensen, a marketer from the C. Don Filer agency in Seattle, Washington.

Chuck Blondino

Director, Agency Capabilities and Programs

I help our Safeco agent partners grow their entire book of business. I focus on programs that are easy for agents to begin, and train agents through marketing workshops. The work we do builds stronger client relationships, raises retention, and generates more referrals

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6 years ago

Thanks for sharing the stats! We’ve put all our eggs in the “hire great producers” basket. Although we’ve had a lot of success with this model, I know there’s an opportunity to do better. I’ve found that some producers don’t LOVE the marketing/networking/prospecting part. Hiring a marketer would allow these type of people to do more of what that love to do (quote/sell).

Keira Chue
13 days ago

Hey Chuck, I believe hiring a marketer is always a win-win situation. For mine, I chose to work with a marketing agency. Victoria Yeldon and her team at have been assisting us with search engine optimization and enhancing our Google My Business page. I am extremely grateful for their great contribution in building online presence for our business.

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