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NetVU Member Webinar: What Agencies Are Doing to Get Better During the Hard Market

In 2024, we continue to experience a once-in-a-generation hard market cycle. But while hard markets are difficult, they do end. Join Agent for the Future Advisor Dale Steinke for a research-backed discussion on what leading agencies are doing differently during a hard market to be better positioned for the next market cycle. This engaging session will explore the disconnect between what agents are currently doing to address today’s headwinds and what customers actually want – revealing findings from a new Agent for the Future hard market research study.

Key learnings include:

  • How high-growth agencies are navigating the challenging insurance climate
  • Unexpected ways to improve your agency in the current market cycle and prepare for the next
  • Technology tools and tactics that can help agencies deliver above-average returns
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Dale Steinke
Specialties: Agency tech stack, AI, business continuity, sales enablement strategies, agency perpetuation
Location: Seattle, WA