Trends to Watch for Insurance Agents

From technology to talent, niche and new markets to agency operations – Agent for the Future covers the most pressing trends impacting independent insurance agents.   

In a volatile insurance market, those trends transcend the bounds of any one agency. They impact every piece of the insurance value chain. They are the far-reaching trends that drive industry headwinds or tailwinds that can either hinder growth or propel an agency forward – including those trends driving today’s hard market conditions.   

Featuring perspectives from experts across the insurance industry, Trends to Watch is an article and content series that explores these broad industry trends. The series breaks down the macroeconomic factors behind changing market conditions to deliver meaningful insights for agents – in the same way readers have come to expect from Agent for the Future.     

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The Agent-Customer Connection: Gaps and Opportunities in the Hard Market

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Understanding and Navigating Insurance Market Cycles

How do insurance market cycles work? What’s contributing to today’s hard market, and how can agents successfully navigate it? Nancy Germond from the “Big I” explains.

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What Independent Agents Need to Know about Legal System Abuse

Social inflation, or legal system abuse, is driving up the cost of claims. Dale Porfilio of the Triple-I explains legal system abuse and steps agents can take to help deter it.

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