Video Quotes and Policy Reviews for Independent Insurance Agents

Video Quotes and Policy Reviews for Independent Insurance Agents

How do agents use video quotes and policy reviews?

Agents may record a video quote or policy review to send to a client to explain the details of the client’s policy or quote options. These videos can be an alternative to or an add-on to a face-to-face meeting and can be especially handy when a client is unable to meet in-person or there are scheduling conflicts.  

Why should insurance agents use video quotes and policy reviews?

  • Build a personal connection. A video quote or policy review is more humanizing than sending a quote or review via email or even talking on the phone. The video is tailored and personalized to the client, and only takes the agent a few minutes to put together.  
  • Increase efficiency. Instead of scheduling an in-person policy review for every client, you can simply send policy review videos to your more tech-savvy clients. You can fit a lot of information into just a few minutes of video.  
  • Give clients time to think things through. Clients can watch a video quote or policy review on their own time as many time as they like. This method gives them plenty of time to consider their options and reach out if they have any questions.  
  • Drive revenue growth. Liberty Mutual and Safeco research found that video quotes and policy reviews were highly correlated with revenue growth.
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We try to bring a personal touch to our digital communications.

For example, we’ve used video proposals with first-time clients who are moving to the area. I’ve found those get a higher conversion rate because it humanizes the experience. 

I’m also using video with current client renewals and questions. I’ll film a 30- to 90-second video answering a client question and send the client the link so they can watch it on their own time. Over time, I’m planning to build out a page of videos answering common insurance questions as a resource for all our customers.   

James Castell
Owner and Personal Lines Manager, Castell Insurance

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