Video Calls for Independent Insurance Agents

Video Calls for Independent Insurance Agents 2

How do insurance agents use video calls?

Insurance agents use video software tools such as Zoom, Skype or other programs to meet with clients or prospects via video conference. Video calls can be a good alternative to in-person meetings or phone calls. Video calls became more common in all areas of life and business as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns. 

Why should insurance agents use video calls?  

  • Connect virtually in a way that feels more personal. Meeting via video gives the client a better sense of who you are beyond your voice or your email writing style. Both you and your client get to see each other’s body language and connect face to face, which helps to build a stronger relationship.  
  • Easily present information. Most video conferencing software allows you to share your computer screen. You can use this to walk your client or prospect through a quote or policy review, show them how to log in to their self-service portal, or present educational materials to answer their questions.  
  • Faster service. Video calls can be more accessible and easier to schedule than in-person meetings. Your client may have a hard time setting up a time to come into your office during business hours, but they likely have 15 minutes during the day when they could hop on a quick video call.  
Video Calls for Independent Insurance Agents 3

Online tools give agents the opportunity to connect with clients a lot more frequently.

You can set up your schedule to accommodate more quick check-ins, or record short videos to share with your clients. 

Those simple touchpoints allow clients to see you more frequently and connect with you as a human being. Plus, if you make a video, you can distribute it to thousands of people in one day – that’s a whole lot more reach than you ever could have had previously. To me, that’s a game-changer for agents.    

Arleen Taveras
Co-Founder, Insurance Licensing Services of America and Spot On Insurance

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