Live Online Chat for Independent Insurance Agents

Live Online Chat for Independent Insurance Agents

How do insurance agents use live online chat?

Live online chat lets agency representatives chat with website visitors in real time. Live chat is usually facilitated through a software embedded on the agency website. Usually, the chat option will pop up in a corner of the screen, welcoming visitors to the site and prompting them to ask any question they have.  

Why should insurance agents use live online chat?  

  • Provide quick responses. According to a study from InsideSales, you are 21x more likely to convert a lead into an opportunity when you respond to them within 5 minutes instead of waiting an hour. Live chat gives you opportunities for those quick connections.  
  • Draw in prospects. Online chat has a low barrier of entry. The chat can automatically pop up without the visitor having to do anything. The visitor can easily ask questions and get the information they need on their first visit to your website.  
  • Drive sales. Live chat lets you talk to prospects as they are researching their buying options. You can speak to any objections they may have and show them your expertise.  
  • Drive revenue growth. Liberty Mutual and Safeco research found that live online chat was one of the seven digital capabilities highly correlated with revenue growth.

Live chat stats

of businesses said that implementing live chat resulted in increased customer loyalty, sales and revenue (Kayako)
of consumers prefer online chat when communicating with companies (Salesforce)
of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they offer live chat support (CrazyEgg)

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