E-Signature for Independent Insurance Agencies

E-Signature for Independent Insurance Agents 2

How do insurance agents use e-signature?  

An electronic signature platform allows someone to sign a document electronically. Insurance agents can use an e-signature platform to easily send electronic documents to clients, collect signatures and track documents. This can replace the process of having clients provide handwritten signatures on physical paper documents.  

Why should insurance agents use e-signature? 

Use of e-signature is widespread across most industries. Electronic signatures are legally binding, and utilizing electronic documents is much more efficient than handling and organizing physical paperwork.  

  • Save time and make things more convenient for you and your clients. Instead of having to coordinate a time to meet in person or send documents back and forth through the mail, you can simply send documents via email with one click.  
  • Save money. Spend less on paper, printing, shipping costs and storage space for filing. 
  • Easily track and file documents. Electronic documents can’t get lost in the mail or misplaced. Plus, most e-signature platforms will automatically send copies of the completed document to both you and your client to keep for your records.  

E-signature stats

Average reduction in turnaround time using e-signature (LunarPen)
Average savings per document (LunarPen)
Reduction in scanning errors (OneSpan)
Section 2: High Adoption = High Growth 1

My advice to other agents would be to stop printing papers.

Stop using physical documents and sending things through the mail. Switch to an online platform for all filing and transactions. This will save you a lot of money, save the environment, and also save time that you can use to sell more.  

I think it’s crucial to make that full shift versus being in no-man’s land in-between analog and digital.

President and Owner, Majdas Touch Insurance

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Adopting e-signature is one of the first steps toward digital transformation. Explore our interactive framework below or click the “next” button at the bottom of the page to learn about the next digital capability.

E-Signature for Independent Insurance Agents

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