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You Are Striving for Top-Level Digital Innovations

Innovations 1

Your agency is always looking for what’s next in digital technology.

Your agency likely has many of the capabilities in our digital framework, and you try to use your existing tech to its full capacity.

To help you implement more innovations and optimize your existing tech tools, we pulled together curated content on three capabilities for you to explore. Click through the buttons below to learn about each digital capability.

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Digital capabilities for you to explore

Video quotes and policy reviews

Video quotes and policy reviews can help you personally connect with customers remotely.
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Google AdWords

Google Ads can help your agency reach a larger audience of people who are searching for insurance services.
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AI Chatbot

Chatbots and AI can answer questions and provide customers with 24/7 service.
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Explore more of the capabilities in our digital framework by clicking through the graphic below, or click the “next” button at the bottom of the page to learn about the first capability for your agency.

Section 2: High Adoption = High Growth 1

When I left the captive insurance world to go independent, I decided to do things my way and make everything digital.

Being fully digital made things easier and smoother for me and also provided a better experience for my clients. Technology allows you to accommodate people’s needs in so many different ways beyond doing everything in-person.

Majda Baltic
President and Owner, Majdas Touch Insurance