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You Are Establishing Your Digital Fundamentals

Fundamentals 2

Congratulations on starting your journey toward adopting more digital tools in your agency!

Going more digital is worth the investment. Our research found that highly digital agencies grew revenue 70% faster than low digital agencies.

When you’re first making the transition from traditional methods of doing business to more digital methods, it may seem overwhelming. With so many digital capabilities out there, where should you begin?

To help you get started, we pulled together some curated content on three of the initial tools that will help your agency build a digital foundation. Click through the pages below to learn about each digital capability.

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Digital capabilities for you to explore


E-signature is one of the first tools you'll need to get more digital. Learn best practices for using e-signature.
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Social media

Social media can help you build brand awareness and communicate with your clients. Learn tips for getting started with social media.
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Many customers now prefer texting over phone calls or emails. Learn best practices for texting with your clients.
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Explore more of the capabilities in our digital framework by clicking through the graphic below, or click the “next” button at the bottom of the page to learn about the first capability.

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For other insurance agents who are trying to go digital, I would say that you have to rip the Band-Aid off.

You can’t wait for it to be perfect – it never will be. There is going to be trial and error, and there may be some casualties along the way, but digital tools will ultimately help your agency grow.

James Castell
Owner and Personal Lines Manager, Castell Insurance