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You Are Building on Your Digital Fundamentals

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You have a solid base of foundational digital capabilities. What’s next?

You’ve implemented tools that give your customers ways to interact with you through digital channels. You’ve likely built a solid website for your agency and explored a few digital communications tools such as texting and social media.

So, how do you continue building on your existing tools to create even better customer experiences, drive more leads and streamline agency operations?

To help you strategically implement more digital tools, we pulled together some curated content on three tools that can help your agency get to the next level. Click through the buttons below to learn about each digital capability.

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Digital capabilities for you to explore

Online quotes

Offering real-time quotes on your agency's website can help drive leads. Learn more about online quotes.
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Automated email and texting

Save time and build client relationships by setting up marketing automations. Learn more about best practices.
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Email marketing

Email marketing goes far beyond just sending the occasional one-off email to a client. Learn how to strategically use email marketing.
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Explore more of the capabilities in our digital framework by clicking through the graphic below, or click the “next” button at the bottom of the page to learn about the first capability for your agency.

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It will take time to unravel what works for your agency in the digital space and what doesn’t work.

You don’t have to do everything perfectly when you’re making the transition to digital. Just be very open with your customers. They are your biggest cheerleaders – they want you to succeed! Tell them how excited you are to make these changes and ask for their feedback in the process.

Erin Nutting
Owner, Integrity Insurance Services