Digital Agency Assessment

What's Your Agency's Next Step Toward Digital Transformation?

Learn how to strategically navigate digital transformation.

Whether you’re a traditional agency just starting to implement digital tools or a fully digital agency looking for what’s next, we want to help you identify the capabilities that can help drive growth in your agency.

We created our research-backed framework to help your agency navigate digital transformation. Want to know where to start? Answer the questions below, then click through dig into your customized results and explore curated content on how to implement digital capabilities.

Where does your agency stand on its digital transformation journey? Take this three-minute assessment to learn how to unlock the full potential of your agency through digital. 

A prospect visits your website, what options do they have to contact you? (Select all that apply)
How do you feel about using new technology tools?
What aspects of your agency management system are you using? (Select all that apply)
Which of these best describes how your agency handled business during COVID-19 lockdowns?
When it’s time to renew a policy, how do you communicate with your clients?
Which of the following have you done in the last six months? (Select all that apply)
What’s your top goal for implementing new technology tools?
Which digital marketing tools do you use to get leads online? (Select all that apply)
Which of these best describes how you use email to communicate with your clients?
How are you using video in your agency? (Select all that apply)
What’s your relationship with agency and customer data?
What’s your main area of focus for the next year?
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