Millennials Quiz

Millennials are now the largest generation of adults in the U.S. To survive into the future, insurance agencies must learn how to attract and retain millennial customers.

How well do you know millennial insurance customers? Take this quiz, based on original research by Liberty Mutual and Safeco, to test your knowledge.

Millennials are the largest living generation of adults in the U.S.
Most millennials are city-dwellers who don’t have plans to buy houses.
When buying insurance, millennials focus on price above all else.
Millennials are more likely to learn about agents from friends and family than online.
Millennial customers don’t care about an agent’s physical location.
More millennials buy from agents than buy insurance online.
Millennials don’t pay attention to the details of their policy.
Millennials want to work with an agent who is their own age.
Millennials are loyal to their agent.