What’s Your Agent for the Future Strength?

There’s no question the insurance industry is rapidly changing.

We believe independent agents are uniquely equipped to lead the charge. What’s your Agent for the Future strength? To find out, take this quick and fun quiz created by Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance.

What kind of Agent for the Future are you? Take this quiz to find out. 
What do you love most about working in insurance?
What makes you stand out from other insurance agents?
What does your work station look like?
New customers are most likely to find you through:
What’s your dream car?
You’ve just issued a policy to a new client. Which of the following do you do first?
Where are you most likely to be found on a weekend?
A natural disaster hits an area where many of your clients live. What’s your first response?
What color are you most drawn to?
What’s your happy hour drink of choice?
If clients visited your agency’s social media accounts, what would they be most likely to see?
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