Resources to Empower Women and Drive the Channel Forward

Empowering women in insurance agencies will drive future success for the entire independent agent channel.

With women making up more than one half of agency employees but less than one third of owners and principals, there are tremendous opportunities for agencies to tap into the potential of female employees, invest in their career development and consider them for perpetuation plans.

As shown in this report, hiring and promoting women is good for business. Offering opportunities for career growth to all employees can help agencies attract and retain top talent and bridge the talent gap.

Independent agencies are great places for women, but there are opportunities to create more inclusive agency cultures that will drive success for every employee and for the agency as a whole.

Ways for leaders to empower and support women in agencies

  1. 1Look for opportunities to mentor and sponsor talented women
  2. 2Conduct a pay-equity audit
  3. 3Foster an inclusive agency culture
  4. 4Provide opportunities for ongoing training
  5. 5Give options for flexibility

Ways for women to grow their careers

  1. 1Find a mentor
  2. 2Take risks
  3. 3Grow your network
  4. 4Advocate for yourself and others
  5. 5Fight imposter syndrome and own your strengths

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