The Future of Leadership for Independent Agents

Future of Leadership for Insurance Agents

As workplaces have changed, so too have the people inside them.

The next generation of workers are likely to change jobs more often than previous generations. They will often need to upskill and reskill to continue growing in their careers. And they value different things in work than previous generations.

Agency leaders may need to shift their approaches to help foster leadership at all levels within their agencies. That may look like allowing more flexibility, investing in training or mentorship programs to help employees grow, or making more space for non-traditional roles.

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Top things agencies can do to prepare for the future of work

  • Get comfortable with hybrid
  • Invest in technology
  • Lead with empathy
  • Invest in DE&I
  • Create more growth opportunities
Tyler's Open Letter

The leaders of tomorrow will look different and value very different things than their predecessors.

Embracing the new era of work also means embracing this new generation of leaders.

Not all leaders necessarily have the title to match their potential—or at least not yet. Leaders can emerge from any level, and fostering the qualities of leadership within all employees, independent of title, will allow you to grow talent from within.

Tyler Asher
President, Independent Agent Distribution, Liberty Mutual and Safeco
Future of Leadership for Insurance Agents 1

No matter where you are in your career journey or what role you have,

you should always love what you do, view your current job as the best job for you and focus on trying to be the absolute best at it.

Myrna Estrada
SVP and Field Executive, Central Region, Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance

Resources for Career and Leadership Growth

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Producer Growth Assessment

This assessment tool from Beyond Insurance can help you see how well you are performing as a producer and identify opportunities for growth.
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Lean In

Resources and education to help women grow their careers and interrupt gender bias.
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Future of Leadership for Insurance Agents 2

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