What Independent Insurance Agents Need to Know About the Future of Work

The Outlook for Work in the IA Channel 3

We have entered a new era of work.

The pandemic forever changed our personal and professional lives, and there’s no going back to “business as usual.” The impacts of COVID-19 sped up shifts toward remote work, highlighted the importance of human-centered work cultures, and prompted many to reevaluate their career choices.

To thrive in the future, agencies need to be willing to adapt, today. At Agent for the Future, we want to help agencies evolve so they can continue to grow, innovate and serve their customers and communities. That’s why we created this guide to help agencies navigate the future of work.

In this guide, you’ll find articles exploring the most timely and urgent trends impacting talent, culture and leadership in the new era of work. You’ll also find practical resources to help your agency in each of those areas.

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It's time to embrace a new model of work

of employees are looking for a new job (PwC)

Top reasons for looking for a new job

  • Burnout
  • Salaries/benefits
  • Lack of growth opportunities
  • Desire for more flexibility
  • Feeling undervalued
  • Shift in priorities
of employees said their career has stalled since the start of the pandemic(Robert Half)
women left the U.S. workforce during the pandemic Many cited childcare responsibilities as a driving reason (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Tyler's Open Letter

As uncertainty begins to fade and optimism emerges, there’s nothing more timely or urgent than addressing the tectonic shifts happening within our own “office” walls.

The demand for talent, more equitable workplaces and purpose-driven careers is greater than ever. The most future-looking organizations are leaning into the moment to meet the challenges and opportunities of a changed world.

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Tyler Asher
President, Independent Agent Distribution, Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance

We’re seeing some big shifts in how, where and why people work.

To help make sense of the trends we’re seeing, we split this guide into four sections:
The Outlook for Work in the IA Channel

The Future of Talent

This section covers tips for hiring, onboarding and retention. Read hiring tips from agency leaders, get insights into what makes a good job ad posting, and hear from an agency that has a waiting list of people interested in working there.

The Future of Culture

This section covers how workplace cultures are shifting and how you can build a great culture in your agency. Read about the importance of DE&I, how workplaces are becoming more human, and more.

The Outlook for Work in the IA Channel 1

The Future of Hybrid Work

This section covers trends in remote and hybrid work. Learn insights from McKinsey research about how leaders can navigate the growing pains of a hybrid workforce, read about how some agencies are making remote work a competitive advantage, and learn how to keep your office safe from cyberattacks while employees are working remotely.

The Outlook for Work in the IA Channel 2

The Future of Leadership

This section covers tips on career growth and leadership. Learn the qualities that will help you build a growth mindset, hear from industry veterans about their tips for career growth, get insights for leading through change, and more.

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