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The Future of Hiring Top Talent in Independent Agencies

The Future of Talent in the IA Channel 1

The way people think about work is shifting.

The pandemic prompted many people to rethink their priorities for work, and surveys have found that many employees are considering changing jobs. Millennials and Gen Z now make up a majority of the workforce, and younger employees tend to hop jobs more often than those from previous generations.

Today’s job hunters have high expectations. They want jobs that pay well, offer flexibility, feel meaningful and offer opportunities for career development and advancement.

The good news is that the insurance industry can offer all of those things. With a significant portion of insurance employees looking to retire in the next few years, insurance companies and agencies need to figure out how to attract the next generations of talent.

However, attracting new talent may take more work than it did in the past. Read on in this section to learn tips for hiring top talent for your agency.

Trends in Hiring

of employers say they are struggling to fill positions as a result of skills gap. (Monster)
of job seekers will consider a company's mission before applying. (Glassdoor)
percent of employees ranked career development as important when deciding on a new job opportunity. (Recruiter)
The Future of Talent in the IA Channel

To attract and retain talent, the independent agent channel needs to show that we can provide talent development and great career paths.

We need to be willing to hire from outside the industry and show younger generations how many options the insurance industry has to offer.

Jack Hoedeman
CEO, Compass Insurance Agency
Digital, Accelerated 1

Hire someone who is a helper, happy, excited and ready to serve.

If they know how to help people, they can probably learn insurance. After all, most of us weren’t born and bred to be insurance geeks. We honed the coverage knowledge over time. We just have a passion for helping and educating.

James Castell
Owner, Castell Insurance

Resources to Help with Hiring and Training

Big I Hires

Big I Hires has resources to help agencies post jobs, sort through resumes, assess candidates, and identify and hire the candidates who are the best fits.
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Agents appointed with Liberty Mutual or Safeco get special pricing on Omnia Behavioral Assessments, which gives insights into employees' and candidate's personality tendencies in the workplace.
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Safeco-appointed agents can get a discount on a subscription to the IdealTraits hiring platform. Click below to learn more.
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Future of Hiring for Insurance Agencies

Agents that are appointed with Liberty Mutual or Safeco can enroll new hires in training programs such as Producer Development, CSR Development, or Marketer Development to provide employees with the skills they need to succeed.

Safeco-appointed agents: Click here to learn more.

Liberty Mutual-appointed agents: Click here.

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