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Video Remains a Largely Untapped Opportunity for IAs

Video Is an Untapped Opportunity for IAs

Video quotes and policy reviews are one of the seven revenue-driving digital capabilities.

Yet, less than half of high adopters and less than 10% of low adopters said they plan to start or continue using them in 2021. Slightly more plan to use video calls to meet with prospects and current clients (51% of high adopters and 11% of low adopters).

Of the agents that plan to increase their digital marketing investments, 55% of high adopters and 18% of low adopters plan to focus on recorded video content on their website, YouTube or other channels.

How agencies plan to use video in 2021

Percent of agencies that will start or continue to use video quotes and policy reviews
High digital adopters
Low digital adopters

Agencies that plan to use recorded video as a marketing tactic

High adopters
Low adopters

All this shows that video is still an underutilized opportunity among independent insurance agents. Agents that do use video say it helps them bring a personalized touch to digital interactions with clients.

Opportunity of Video

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust.

Video gives clients a sense of an agent far beyond what they can get from a still photograph or written words.

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Ashley Abrams
Marketer and Agent, McClain Insurance Services
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