Streamline Digital Tools to Improve Efficiency

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There’s no denying the importance of digital tools in every aspect of modern life and business.

Digital capabilities are essential to help insurance agencies attract and keep clients and employees. In a survey of senior executives by Adobe, 87% agreed that the events of 2020 and 2021 rewired customers to be digital-first.

Integrating digital tools into workflows can help agencies augment their staff’s capacity, streamline and automate repetitive processes, and gather data to help guide decisions.

All this pays off. According to our recent report The State of Digital in Independent Insurance Agencies, highly digital agencies grow an average of 70% faster than less digital agencies.

The case for digital

of millennial and Gen-Z customers prefer to engage through digital channels (Salesforce)
of agencies say they have achieved significant improvement in efficiency through new technology (IIABA)
of agents say computer/tech savvy is an important characteristic their agency looks for when hiring (Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance)

How to improve your agency’s digital tools

  • Ask staff for feedback on your agency’s technology resources.

    What pain points do staff members have, and what technology tools might help? What technology tools work well for them and what brings further problems? If you’re an agency leader, you can use this to inform decisions. If you’re a staff member, gathering some feedback can help you make the case for adopting a new technology, changing a process or getting more training on a current technology tool.

  • Do an internal tech audit.

    What digital resources does your agency currently have? Are there any features you aren’t currently taking advantage of? (For example, some agency management systems have built-in features such as marketing automations or data tools.)

  • Track the ROI of your digital marketing.

    According to research from our team at Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance, only about a third of agencies measure the ROI of their digital and social marketing efforts. Getting clear data on digital marketing can help your agency decide where to invest.

  • Attend technology conferences and events.

    Learn about technology innovations and what they might mean for your agency in the future.

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Digital Tools for Insurance Agents 1

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