Social Media for Independent Insurance Agencies

Social Media for Independent Insurance Agents 3

How do insurance agents use social media?

Independent insurance agents use social media to share relevant information about their agency on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. 

Why should insurance agents use social media?

  • Build brand awareness. Social media use is widespread. According to Pew Research Center, 81% of U.S. adults say they use YouTube, and 69% say they use Facebook. Social media platforms can help your insurance agency reach a wider audience, bolster your online presence, and keep your agency top of mind for customers.  
  • Personalize your agencySocial media can help you build relationships and show off your agency culture. Introducing staff members and showing behind-the-scenes events can help clients feel connected to your agency.
  • Establish yourself as an expertSocial media can give you a glimpse into the kinds of things your clients and potential customers are interested in and the questions they are asking. You can then establish yourself as an expert by creating content that answers their insurance questions.  
  • Drive revenue growth. Liberty Mutual and Safeco research found that social media was one of the seven digital capabilities that is highly correlated with revenue growth.

Social media stats

of highly digital agencies use social media (AFTF)
of users used social media to research products (GlobalWebIndex)
of millennials used social media to get service on their policy (Liberty Mutual)

Adopting social media is a foundational step toward being a more digital agency. Explore our interactive framework below or click the “next” button at the bottom of the page to learn about the next digital capability.

In the Words of an Agent: Building Real Connections Online

Everyone in marketing knows that social media can be a powerful tool for reaching a wide audience.

Social media isn’t just for broadcasting messages to your followers. It can be a platform to develop authentic relationships. Building trust through social media engagement requires creativity. How can you best tell your agency’s story and invite people in your community to be part of that story? 

Dani Kimble
Chief Marketing Officer, O'Neill Insurance

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