tyler’s open letter

Tyler Asher

Independent agents are the best advocate people have while they navigate personal insurance choices. You have the unique ability to transform “cheap and easy” promises into smart decisions for your customers.

It’s important work, and all of us at Safeco™ thank you for it.

Safeco Insurance™ is 100 percent committed to the success of independent insurance agents.

We know that in order for independent agents to be successful in this hyper-competitive market, we must deliver to you great products and meaningful compensation. But we also know that there’s more we can and must do to fuel your success. Consumers are changing how they live, learn and buy in a digital-first world. This transformation has ushered in significant challenges for carriers and agents alike. But the more we use modern tools and rich data to help us understand our customers and their evolving lives, needs and expectations, the better we can provide you with tools and information that will help  you win today and in the future. There is no doubt our future success is inextricably linked.

Safeco created AgentfortheFuture.com to serve as a resource where we can share insights and ideas with all IAs, beyond those who partner with Safeco.

Our hope is that this exchange of information enables everyone in the IA channel to consider how the marketplace is changing and identify the most important steps you can take to meet the needs of today’s customers and provide them an unparalleled experience.

Recently, Safeco surveyed a representative group of independent agents around the country to learn more about how they are adapting to current changes, what they think will be important in the future and what they are doing today to prepare for tomorrow.

The results of Safeco’s Agent for the Future™ survey, along with recommendations on how to develop a strategy for success, can be found in Safeco’s report, ”What it takes to be an Agent for the Future.” I invite you to read the report, evaluate your agency’s state of readiness for the future and identify opportunities for improvement.

While you are here, please check out the profiles of actual agents for the future and see innovative, yet accessible, steps they are taking to meet the needs of current and future customers.

We hope this is the beginning of an ongoing conversation about how we can work together for the continued growth and success of independent agents and their quest to help customers protect what matters most.

If you have opinions or ideas on how IAs can prepare for the future, I invite you to send an email to agentforthefuture@safeco.com or share your comments below.

Let’s Go Confidently together!

Tyler Asher

President, Safeco Insurance

about the author

Tyler Asher
President, Safeco Insurance

Tyler Asher has been with Safeco Insurance since 1999 and has served in a variety of roles spanning finance, accounting, management reporting and analysis. As part of the company’s innovation efforts, Asher’s team recently delivered Safeco’s “Insurance Advisor” skill for Amazon Alexa; becoming the first insurance carrier to enable consumers to navigate the insurance process simply by using their voice.

Asher is also active in the Seattle community and serves on the board of the Accounting Careers Awareness Program, a non-profit dedicated to encouraging inner-city youth to look at careers in business, finance, and accounting. In addition, he supports the Ben Towne Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, the American Heart Association, and several other Seattle health and human services organizations.

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Judieth Turner

I have been an agent for 35 years and seen many changes in our industry. The younger generation like to handle everything on line and Safeco’s allowing the electronic signature has been a big help to agents as the insured does not have to come in. However they have benefited from the information given during the quote & what can happen if your not adequately covered. Safeco’s allowing the insured to handle their policy on line is also a great asset to reach this group. Safeco takes excellent care of their insured’s and I am thankful to be part of… Read more »