Millennial Research Meeting Guide

Melissa Pelto
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At Agent for the Future, we want to help all agents thrive now and in the future by sharing actionable insights and practical advice based on industry-leading research.

That’s why we have developed a downloadable meeting guide to help you take our latest research report and facilitate an innovative conversation within your agency.

Meeting objectives:

By the end of the meeting, each member of your agency should be able to:

  1. Describe widely held myths about millennial consumers
  2. Construct a personal inventory of skills that will appeal to millennial consumers
  3. Identify opportunities within their sphere of influence to attract and retain millennial consumers

Download the guide now!

about the author

Melissa Pelto
Engagement Lead, Agent for the Future

Melissa Pelto is the engagement lead for Agent for the Future and the PR lead for Safeco Insurance. She has over 15 years of experience in the communications industry and is excited by the tremendous work IAs are doing to transform the channel.

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This is great! Thanks for the resource Melissa.

Janice Favor

This is valuable information. Thank You.

Hey Melissa, Great article and just goes to show why we need to be online to capture the millennial market with the continual decline of the independent agent and rise of online insurance shopping and buying.

Karen Weber

I am a member of NAMIC’s Leadership Development Planning committee that is responsible for identifying speakers for the 2020 NAMIC Farm Mutual Forum.

I watched the video “Understanding Millennial Insurance Consumers” Meeting Guide Power Point Video and found it matching what we want for this session. I would like the name or contact information to obtain more information on possible speakers.