How to Stretch Your Marketing Budget

Jacquelyn Connelly
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Publication: IA magazine
Date: May 1, 2019

Dale Steinke, director of independent marketing programs at Safeco, talks to IA magazine about how carriers like Safeco offer easy marketing tools for agents.

Safeco Insurance, too, helps agencies understand “what their fastest-growing peers are doing, then provides training, tools and resources to help them implement those high-growth tactics,” explains Dale Steinke, director, independent agent marketing programs.

Steinke cites top-used offerings like access to website vendors, retention-focused tools like welcome kits, and Safeco’s Search Score®tool, which assesses how easy it is for an agency to be found online and whether its website meets customer expectations.

Safeco’s four-week Marketer Development Program is also popular. “It teaches dedicated agency marketers everything they need to know to market their insurance agency,” Steinke says. “It’s not just classroom time where you’re being told a bunch of things—you’re actually building out the deliverables of a marketing plan.”

Safeco offers loans for agencies to hire dedicated marketers, with the possibility of loan forgiveness, as well as discounts for marketing support programs through its rewards and recognition program. “Our marketing resources help independent agents grow their entire business—not just their Safeco or Liberty Mutual books,” Steinke explains.

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