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Lori Widmer
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Publication: Rough Notes
Date: February 26, 2019

Brook McGuire, Safeco’s strategy lead for specialty products, talked to Rough Notes contributor Lori Widmer about how independent insurance agents can help boating customers navigate claims.

“Frankly, there isn’t a way to avoid accidents, but this is where the value of the independent agent comes in. Our research shows that boat customers value coverage over just having the lowest price. While independent agents should ensure their customers are properly insured when on the water, in transit to the water and while the boat is in storage, the most important conversation is around the inherent dangers of boating and the need for medical payments coverage, high limits of liability and an umbrella policy.”

McGuire says agents and brokers can address claims issues up front. “Agents should do a thorough up-front underwriting conversation to understand all of the exposures presented. Multiple owners/operators, potential business use, water skiing, etc., all present unique exposures that need to be addressed.”

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