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Rough Notes
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Publication: Rough Notes
Date: July 29, 2018

Safeco’s 2018 Agent for the Future Award winners Jeff and Una Roy of Excalibur Insurance Group are profiled as the Rough Notes Agency of the Month.

“It was a dynamic group, each with different talents. Jeff is the idea guy, Una is the people person, Paul loves numbers, and Ken understands that ideas are no good without implementation. Together, they created a plan that turned technology into a tool that helped clients better understand insurance so they could make an informed decision about what coverage they needed.

Key elements of Excalibur’s use of technology—and items that helped earn it the Agent for the Future Award—are its ability to generate audio quotes with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, its digital marketing solutions, a 24-7 chatbot, and a “shock and awe” new business kit.”

Read the full article from Rough Notes, H2H = Success

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